Maksimatic Centrifugal & Gyroscopic Anti-Spill Cup Holder Technology ,

Maksimatic is a centripetal-force-utilizing cup holder that is held by a half-spherical upper member on a 360 degree swiveling joint and helps prevent your beverage from spilling or coming out altogether regardless of how fast or hard you accelerate, brake or turn or any combination of the two. It is also gyroscopic which means it will automatically level out (keep beverage upright) regardless of current incline/grade your plane, car, boat (or any where else a cup holder should be relevant) is tilting at. Because of the unique nature of the cavity involved, it also creates a natural spill-guard. The cup holder, which hangs by gravity alone, is also removable which makes cleaning simple. There are over a dozen unique benefits and features foreign to any standard cup holder. If it were to be utilized in an automobile, for example, it is an application best installed between the two front seats (or under the radio) oriented front to rear (or side to side) since this area is at times, an underutilized, hollow cavity. Maksimatic is the next logical step in cup holders. In the future, the Maksimatic design will eventually prevail anywhere there is a cup holder today.

PCT (US & Foreign Patent Pending)

US 61,819,271 issued 2013-05-03   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$10,000,000

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