Software Based voice Encryption for all Wireless and Land Based Communication Devices

A security platform or network for transmitting end-to-end encrypted voice or data communications between at least a first digital device and a second device is disclosed. The network includes a network portal for registering the first digital device and the second device. The portal provides the first digital device and second device with at least first and second keys and receives requests from each device to communicate with each other. The portal searches for and receives authorization from the called device to set up a secure session with the calling device. The portal receives encrypted messages from the devices, decrypts the encrypted messages with the keys provided to the devices, and re-encrypts the received messages. The portal sends the re-encrypted messages to the other device. Accordingly, the devices are capable of securely communicating with each other by encrypting and decrypting the messages sent to and received from the portal. The intent is to provide a commercially feasible approach to protect sensitive information that is government classified (SECRET and TOP SECRET), with potential users including

(a) Individuals-for protecting private information and conversations

(b) Companies-for protecting proprietary/sensitive information

(c) Government-for protecting SBU conversations and information.

Secureant, Inc. is the sole owner of this patent - the invention of software based voice encryption for all wireless and land based communication devices, such as voice security for smartphones, land based phones, traditional cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops,,satellites, radios, etc. A revolutionary technology supported by the US Congress and tested/verified by the US Army.

The company is looking to sell this and other innovative patents to the highest bidder starting at $6 million dollars plus royalties. Within the transaction will include compiled software code on various leading operating systems, along with the source code.

Secureant specializes in the enhancement of advanced wireless and terrestrial telecommunication security along with improved signal strength technology, all through advanced software development. Secureant's solution to the existing problem at hand is a patented software add-on to the communications device utilizing unique and powerful algorithms which secure and enhance the quality of voice encryption services within a transmitted signal, like on a smartphone, laptop, VoIP land based unit, tablet or any electronic device that transmits a signal.

The software based voice encryption technology is virtually agnostic to any type of wireless signal or wireline transmission device. Secureant’s invention is protected by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) granted patent number 8,526,616 - “Method for Payload Encryption of Digital Voice or Data Communications". All 62 claims within the patent were approved by the USPTO. Secureant has a continuation with the USPTO on the granted patent to expand the claims within the future. In addition, the company has provisionally patented their header encryption technology - “Method for Encrypting Data Using Headers” and is in the process of filing additional revolutionary technologies such as within cloud computing. Secureant’s voice encryption technology was rigorously tested and successfully passed every test conducted by the Army.

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Attached files:
Secureant Software Based Voice Encryption Patent For Wireless & Land Based Communication Devices - Granted Sept 3 2013.pdf

US 8,526,616 issued 2013-09-03   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$6,000,000

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