Machine providing for an advanced headlamp system with peripheral beam technology

An advanced headlamp system is proposed for providing a headlamp assembly for vehicles that has peripheral beam technology built in that has a multiplicity of filaments and reflectors built in to provide at least one forward beam and at least one or more peripheral light beams offset in angles to the left (for the driver side) and to the right (for the passenger side) of the forward beam in each assembly each also having a low-beam and a high-beam. The filaments and reflectors are located within a single sealed compartment. An example of a headlamp depicted would have (3) light filament bulbs, (3) reflectors, one pointing forward, one at a 45-degree angle, and one at a 90-degree angle. Included are circuitry and switches to program and to turn the bright lights and the peripheral beam system on or off and to turn the beams on or off automatically when an oncoming car comes within a certain distance.

US 7,641,372 issued 2010-01-05   [MORE INFO]

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