First of Their Kind vehicle Interior accessory: Stabilized Ornamental Pillow

Intelligent BOTTOM-WIEGHTED design and custom dimensions keep this STABILIZED ORNAMENTAL PILLOW upright and in place (they don't fall off seats and onto floors when you take those hard turns, accelerate or brake)!

You've got to see this pillow to believe it; you've got to hold this pillow to get it.

First of their kind. Eminently stylish and sophisticated. Decisively sexy. Luxurious. Simple. Yet far from ordinary. Trailblazing visual/tactile/versatile accoutrements for any moving LAND AIR SEA vehicle interior.

Gorgeous bodywork, unshakable grip, head-turning looks, unlimited intimate design potential and scintillating character behind the wheel - and we're talking about just this pillow, let alone the automobile, plane, jet, sled, cart or carriage they're designed for and placed in! Accentuate any personal transportation experience with interior pillow style and status. Comfort levels may become so elevated that a tent might rise in your trousers!

ABSTRACT: A decorative object, most conveniently embodied as a decorative pillow, is constructed to maintain a substantially fixed spatial relationship to a supporting substrate within a vehicle interior while not requiring the use of fastening means. The supporting substrate may comprise a vehicle seat. A decorative pillow is provided with a surface or surfaces providing ornamentation. Components in the interior of the pillow interact to function efficiently as a fill chamber and a ballast chamber. The ballast chamber may be positioned to avoid engagement with surfaces exposed to a user. Ballast provides for inertial so that the pillow will tend to stay in place when acceleration forces are applied thereto.

*Photos/pictures provided show various applications of stabilized ornamental pillows covered in Ultrafabrics/leathers/misc. decorative trims.

US 83,417,802 issued 2013-01-01   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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