Cutting Device

A cutting device that can be used, among other things, for efficiently removing items such as trees and vegetation by cutting the subterranean root systems in situ with a powered blade system. Among other uses, the cutting device may be implemented and deployed as a powered multi-blade device with cyclic, reciprocating or ellipsoid cutting action that severs root and other comparable matter such as cabling in situ, without having to drag same to the surface.
Across the US and EU there are more than 650million tonnes of stumps in areas of commercial forest.
The Youtube [] video shows a new, patented, breakthrough method in complete tree harvesting and/or thinning, making it possible to harvest in one operation – or harvest stumps separately following stem harvest. The video shows a proof-of-concept demonstration prototype (low speed only). This device features a unique ellipsoid, self-cleaning cutting action with compensating blade geometry that optimizes the underground root cutting process. With the concept proven on mature hardwood ironbarks such as those in the video (eucalyptus paniculata – two to three times the root toughness of Scots Pine or Norway Spruce); we’re seeking a licensee/manufacturer to develop smaller/faster market-ready units. A particular focus would be maneuverable, self-powered units that suit plantation forestry operations. All interested parties welcome.

1. Thinning with ‘surgical precision’ – minimizes adjacent root system disturbance and removes the fungus-hosting stumps.
2. Production models will be smaller/faster.
3. No secondary stump harvest i.e. no heavy-duty (expensive, energy-intensive) equipment required for separate stump removal.
4. No secondary harvest soil compaction (= improved root system health on next planting).
5. More sequestered carbon retention ('stump' mass removal can be tailored to suit environment need and business need = biomass and/or fungus/beetle control).
6. Greater retention/more immediate return of nutrients to the soil as less root system removed.
7. Reduced soil disturbance/destabilization/displacement where stumps are removed.
8. Reduced soil acidification risk where stumps are removed.
9. Reduced soil erosion risk where stumps are removed.
10. Chemical-free treatment for fungi and weevils/beetles where stumps are removed.
11. Reduced levels of soil entrained in harvested stumps = reduced ash @ point of biomass use as biofuel.
12. Improved plantation yields.
13. Improved plantation productivity.
14. Earlier replanting.
15. Shortened cropping rotation/growth cycle.
16. Reduced harvesting capital cost.
17. No secondary harvest labour/man-power required.
18. Reduced operating expenses.
19. Improved plantation Return on Investment.

Marcel Baur
+61 412 004 000

US 20,150,216,100 issued 2015-08-06   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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