Electronic Mailbox System

An electronic mailbox system features: a mailbox housing with an inner cavity and slot for holding mail, a lid, an electrically-operable lock system for the lid, a mail sensor for detecting the mail being inserted into the slot, a first transmitter, a first receiver and a mailbox microprocessor; and a control box with a second transmitter, a second receiver, a control box indicator light, an unlock button, a reset button, and a control box microprocessor. When the mail sensor detects mail delivery the control box indicator light becomes illuminated. When the unlock button is pushed the lock system unlocks. When the reset button is pressed the indicator light is deactivated. An alarm system may be activated upon receipt of mail and/or if a tamper sensor detects tampering - See more at: http://www.patentbuddy.com/Patent/8299923#sthash.OsuPvpzo.dpuf

US 8,299,923 issued 2012-10-30   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$150,000

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