Holistic Breast Patch: Device for Postpartum Women to Aid in the Relief from Breast Engorgement Pain and Suppresses Breast Milk Production

Lactation Suppression: “The Forgotten Aspect of Women Postpartum Care.”

Currently, there is no drug approved by the Food Drug Administration (FDA), to safely provide relief from breast engorgement pain and/or breast milk suppression. According to data from the National Vital Statistics Report, in 2013- 3,957,577 infants were born in the United States. The number of mothers electing not to breastfeed in the U.S. has increased by 45% in the last three years.

The Holistic Breast Patch (HBP) is the first known drug-free all natural, and effective, apparatus available, that safely inhibits prolactin production and aids the relief of discomfort from breast engorgement pain. The HBP is highly effective in that it successfully suppresses postpartum milk production, within three to ten days, by comparison to six to eight weeks or longer without treatment.

The HBP is approximately 1 ½ inch by ¾ inch in size and applied to the chest region of a postpartum woman. It is advised that the HBP is applied approximately 24-72 hours subsequent to childbirth, if there are no intentions to breastfeed. The HBP is also effective for mothers who chooses to breastfeed for a specific duration and then discontinue. Wearing the HBP device is both easy and convenient. The FDA has determined the HBP as a device not a drug, and meets the definition of a non-significant risk device (21 CFR 812).

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US 85,625,752 issued 2013-10-22   [MORE INFO]
US 8,562,575 issued 2013-10-12   [MORE INFO]

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