Ice Skate with Elastic Suspension

In line Roller Blade or Ice Skate (Patent #7374209):
I have invented a skate/in line roller blade, which has the capability of the blade to be in flexible and spring loaded mode against the running surface. This enables the skater/blader to push the blade against the running surface thus using the built in spring force to assist in speed acceleration and high jumping. A common and conventional in line skate/blade is made of a frame or bracket rigidly connected to the underside of skaters special shoe. The blade is rigidly connected to this bracket or frame and fastened to the frame or bracket. Hence it is not possible to apply spring force assisted acceleration or jumping when using this in line blade.

Certain advantages are:
Skate is compact and designed of few parts.
Gives the skater the capability of individual spring force for good ergonomics.
Has superior shock absorbency good for knee joint protection.
Spring force can be of variable strength.
Has feature for using skates/blades the same as conventional skates/blades.

The patent referenced describes an Ice Skate however the same features in the design can be applied to an in line roller blade as is referenced in Fig. 7 of the Patent Document. The attached model drawings are featuring the roller blade design based on the patented design features for a proposed prototype roller blade.

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US 7,374,209 issued 2008-05-20   [MORE INFO]

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Asking Price: US$35,000

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