Exercise Treadmill having a Simulated Cobblestone Running Surface

Fitness/physical therapy equipment
(Cobble Stone Treadmill and Push Treader)

“Family” of inventions comprising 2 US Utility patents, one patent application and one provisional patent application.
An endless flat belt has an array of mounting holes that serve for the purpose to install cobble stone like objects (usually made of hard plastic) directly onto this belt as described on US 7510511. It is anticipated to fit this belt with the mounted cobble stones into an existing treadmill. There are optional methods for mounting said cobble stones for the purpose to have various patterns, sizes and configurations of cobble stones to be quickly and easily mounted on one common belt as is described on US 7976437. Again design and construction of such a running/walking surface is intended to be installed in existing treadmills. The attached models and drawings are showing various cobble stone configurations and their fixation to the belt. Specific attention should be paid to the attached Background & Research for Cobblestone running/walking surface that explains the outstanding benefits to cobblestone walking with further disclosures of the “technology”.

I am including two inventions somewhat related to the described patents. Both of them are patent pending. One is covered by patent application #14579407 and is named “Exercise treadmill simulating of pushing objects along the floor” (see attachment). At this time I am not in a position to give details about this invention although it is patent pending it has not yet received the initial office action by the USPTO Examiner. The usefulness and benefits of this invention are obvious: It is well known that a very popular and physically very beneficial type of exercise for a person is pushing and sliding weighty sled like objects along the floor as this benefits the human body with a combination of static/isometric exercise and strength training simultaneously applying to all mayor muscle groups of the body one way or the other. I am very positive to obtain eventually a utility patent for this invention as all my searches did not reveal a device that could be described as “obvious” in terms of comparison to my invention thereby preventing my invention to get patent protection.
Also included is a provisional patent application #62178123 that is named: “Treadmill for rehabilitation and exercise having a reciprocating support panel moving synchronous with endless belt motion” (see attachment). I cannot give more detailed information about this invention with the exception that this invention is a further improvement to patent application #14579407. I am planning to have filed either a “continuation-in-part” to #14579407 and/or a non-provisional patent application within three months.

Attached files:
Background & Research.pdf
Walking surface-Type1.pdf
Walking Surface-Type2.pdf
Walking Surface-Type3.pdf
Walking Surface-type1-cross section-detail.pdf
Walking surface-type2-cross section-detail.pdf
Walking Surface type3-cross section-detail1.pdf

US 7,976,437 issued 2011-07-12   [MORE INFO]
US 7,510,511 issued 2008-05-20   [MORE INFO]

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