Sanitary Hygiene Door Handle

Sanitary Door Handle for pull doors for ultimate Hygiene solution

No disinfective spray or solution or motorised system, or cumbersome door linkages.
Simple and ready to install on pull doors. No external or internal power source is required.
Each pull and release of the handle dispenses a fresh paper/film so that any contaminated handle is never touched by hand.
Cross-contamination by hand of bacteria, yeast and hazardous micro-germs present in high traffic areas is minimized.

These are the key features of the sanitary door handle:
• A novel sanitary door handle for pull doors
• Each time a user pulls and releases the handle a length of fresh sanitary paper/film covers the handle
• The user is certain to be touching a fresh sanitary paper/fim and not the contaminated handle
• Operated just like a pull handle on doors
• Uses bio-degradable paper/fim to cover handle
• Roll of sanitary paper film has approximately 2000 useable cycles
• Long handle bar for ease of grasp by hand
• Easy to replace sanitary paper/film rolls
• Aestetically pleasing design with aluminium and stainless steel construction
• Anti-microbial coating for extra hygiene

Some development on design may be required to improve product's performance and its usability in high traffic real life situations. Manufacturing will be needed to produce, market and sell the product. Huge potentials for profit around the world if patent is fully utilized. Professional engineering expertise give for support upon agreed terms and when needed.

The photos here show the 1st version of the product. A second more compact version is now available. Please contact us for more details, images, a short video clip of the actual unit in operation and a non-obligatory discussion.

** The selling price of the outright sale for this Patent has been substantially reduced for quick sale.. The Patent is sold at a fraction of the cost and at what it's worth. .This selling price presents an absolute bargain for this Patent as if it's fully utilized. It can generate very good revenue.
Please contact us to discuss the price and what is included in the sale.
Offers around US$ 29500.

Attached files:
SDH photo hand and handle on toilet door 2.jpg
SDH photo on a washroom pull door.jpg
SDH photo on a washroom door and basin and surroundings.jpg

US 7,850,114 issued 2010-12-14   [MORE INFO]
US 2,071,104 issued 2011-07-06   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$29,500

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