Articulated Off-Road Vehicle

The articulated off-road vehicle includes a pivotable chassis and an upper frame extending from the pivotable chassis. Wheels, an engine, and a steering assembly are coupled to the chassis, and the upper frame defines a compartment for drivers and passengers. The pivotable chassis is divided into a front chassis section and a rear chassis section, and a hinge joint pivotally connects the front chassis section to the rear chassis section. A front suspension assembly having a pair of shock absorbers respectively extending at an angle between the top corners of the upper frame and the front chassis section with the shock absorbers pivotally mounted to the upper frame and the front chassis section. Pivotal movement of the front chassis section and concurrent absorption of impact can substantially reduce impact forces imparted to the driver while traversing rough terrain as can thereby increasing safety and comfort for the driver

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US 88,993,641 issued 2014-12-02   [MORE INFO]

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