Systems and Methods for Determining a Cardiovascular Condition of a Subject

The present invention provides a Diversity Coding--Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (DC-OFDM) system and method that applies diversity coding to OFDM-based systems and provides improved probability of successful reception at the receiver and transparent self-healing and fault-tolerance. Diversity coding is well suited for OFDM-based systems because of its spatial diversity nature (parallel links). DC-OFDM provides the best performance when the probability of link error is high or when a link (sub-channel) fails. Also, by implementing diversity coding in OFDM-based systems, a reliable communication can be provided that is quite tolerant of link failures, since data and protection lines are transmitted via multiple sub-channels.

US 9,020,059 issued 2015-04-15   [MORE INFO]

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