Genotypic tumor progression classifier and predictor

Actively dividing tumors appear to progress to a life threatening condition more rapidly than slowly dividing tumors. Assessing actively dividing tumors currently involves a manual assessment of the number of mitotic cells in a histological slide prepared from the tumor and assessed by a trained pathologist. Disclosed is a method for using cumulative information from a series of expressed genes to determine tumor prognosis. This cumulative information can be used to categorize tumor samples into high mitotic states or low mitotic states using a mathematical algorithm and gene expression data derived from microarrays or quantitative-Polymerase Chain Reaction (Q-PCR) data. The specific mathematical description outlines how the algorithm assesses the most informative subset of genes from the full list of genes during the assessment of each sample.

US 9,037,416 issued 2015-05-19   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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