Dual-Purpose Travel/Portable Highchair

A patented dual-purpose highchair that holds an infant carrier (car seat/carrier) and easily converts into a traditional-style highchair for a toddler with two distinct markets; (1) the retail consumer market with a sales history from major retailers, and (2) restaurants/hospitality, or other establishments such as child daycare centers.

The sale of this patent includes more than just one version of a dual-purpose highchair product. For your consideration, I will discuss several versions of this Patented Highchair product beginning with the fully developed lightweight, foldable, travel version that has an established retailer sales history. I will also exhibit versions of this dual-purpose highchair product that are ideal for growing families with twins or two young children between infancy and the toddler years and also satisfy a significant need for safe seating accommodations for such young guests in the hospitality market, including; a lightweight, space saving, stackable metal tube and fabric model, wooden stackable models with interchangeable seat covers. I also have designed a plastic version that is ideal for CNC manufacturing.

There is no need to change or "further develop" the compact travel version of this Patented Highchair. The portable dual-purpose highchair version has passed the ASTM safety standards for highchairs, thereby affording you a relatively seamless effort to bring this product to market, quickly maximize your return on this investment, and fully capitalize on the forward progress made from designing this safe and versatile highchair. With an established retail sales history, but with little to no particular name brand recognition directly associated with this product, adding this Patented Highchair to your existing product offering will certainly bolster your branding initiatives by providing consumers with the only highchair product that safely holds an infant carrier and converts into a toddler highchair. The uniqueness associated with this Patented product offering, and the opportunity to offer high margin ancillary products directly tied to this Patented Highchair, will certainly enhance your brand name awareness. Additionally, given a very low manufacturing cost per unit, a consistent retail sales price of $60 will yield a very respectable margin for a company with an effective marketing strategy that entices and educates consumers on the benefits of this innovative highchair, has a reliable manufacturing partner, reputable accounts with major retailers, and established channels of distribution.

Understandably, the best children’s products come from recognizing a need or solving a problem that makes the lives of parents and grandparents easier and more convenient. Thus, this highchair was invented upon recognizing that the use of an inverted wooden highchair in a restaurant to hold an infant carrier was not safe and that a better means of seating a baby in an infant carrier or a toddler was needed. Again, the market for the stackable version of this Patented Highchair is not limited to restaurants, just as the foldable version of this Patented Highchair is not limited to consumers.

The travel version of this Patented Highchair was the result of recognizing that many parents enjoy camping with their small children who are able to sit upright in a foldable camping chair made specifically for a toddler or small child, but there was not a portable product to safely accommodate a baby in an infant carrier. There are many scenarios in which parents will enjoy the travel version of this Patented Highchair including: camping, visiting friends and relatives, having a “spare” highchair, soccer games, picnics and tailgating, or even using this portable highchair when dining out instead of pushing a stroller with an infant carrier into a restaurant. Additionally, some restaurants have limited space for highchairs and will benefit from the convenience of the foldable version of the Patented Highchair product.

Whether in the consumer/retail market or the hospitality/restaurant market, or both markets, the highchair product offerings associated with the Patent for this dual-purpose highchair will bring immediate brand differentiation through this innovative product line of highchairs and accessories. Additionally, with two completely separate target markets (home users and restaurants), product awareness and brand name recognition through exposure from one market into the other is likely to happen. Even if your company chose to not sell directly into the hospitality market, licensing the Patent for hospitality/restaurant sales under your brand name should be seriously considered given the growing need restaurant seating accommodations and probable regulations for such products that safely accommodate infant carriers in particular. Upon ownership of the IP, if you consider licensing this Patented Highchair in the hospitality market, one viable option for this scenario would be to offer a different version of this Patented Highchair to restaurants than what your company would offer consumers in the retail market. This would increase brand name awareness, but it would differentiate the Patented Highchair offerings and afford your licensee product model exclusivity and price protection for both parties.

I am the sole Patentee as the assignment of all rights over to me was recorded with the US Patent and Trademark Office on January 3, 2005.

US Patent 6,659,544 has approximately five (5) years of protection remaining.

The asking price is $150,000.

Attached files:
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P-DM with Seat Cover and Tray-A.jpg
P-DM Blue White Tray-A.jpg
P-DM Four Colors-P.jpg
P-DM Youth Series-A.jpg
P-DM with Vibe-A.jpg

US 6,659,544 issued 2003-12-09   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$150,000

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