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Epi-Energy, Ltd. is the assignee for numerous patents describing an innovative cycloidal gear known as the Epi-Cloyd (reserved). Cycloidal gears are ideal for mechanical engineering applications requiring high torque or heavy loads (Wikipedia). Epi-Energy is seeking strategic partners to help develop our intellectual property. Licensing and/or equity agreements are available.

Our patents anticipate several broad fields of use including automotive applications, oil & gas production, renewable energy, and robotics. Advanced prototypes have been developed to demonstrate proof of concept. Preliminary engineering studies have been conducted by the University of Texas at Dallas, UT Design Program. Epi-Energy was a semifinalist in the 2014 CleanTech Open, a national competition and business incubator for renewable energy startup companies.

Potential applications include:

A “smart oil well” that generates green energy during recovery of underground fluids;

A continuously variable speed transmission for commercial scale wind turbines; and

An efficient, high torque valve actuator for industrial control applications.

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US 7,258,642 issued 2007-08-21   [MORE INFO]
US 7,258,642 issued 2007-08-21   [MORE INFO]
US 7,192,375 issued 2007-03-20   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$1,000,000

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