Mobility Assistive Device for Crutches and Canes

The SandPad™ LandPad is the only patented crutch and cane tip product that allows users to walk on sand, grass, mud, gravel and snow. Its shape and design allows parallel daily usage providing maximum stability on paved and flat surfaces as well. The SandPad™ is easy to attach to any conventional crutch or cane tip, providing an exciting solution for users that wish to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle anywhere, anytime. Sold online at and Amazon and positioned for big box retail, travel catalogs, cruise ship and tourist resort gift shops worldwide.

Also patented in Canada, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, China and Australia, making the the IP turnkey for any buyer or licensee that wishes to manufacture and/or distribute with worldwide protection in international markets.

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US 7,641,611 issued 2016-08-23   [MORE INFO]
US 201,201,322,401 issued 2012-05-31   [MORE INFO]
US 86,780,212 issued 2014-03-25   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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