Vented Metal Roof Cap System

A low profile multi-vented steel hip and ridge cap system which can be produced from various gauges of metal substrate either pre-painted or stone coated to match any composition shingle or metal roofing products.

The ridge cap system provides a beautiful, durable, and low profile design that blends with the roof finish. It also includes high volume NFA (Net Free Area) air flow which helps regulates building temperature. The baseline NFA is 22.6 inches per lineal foot. This high NFA flow protects against mold and rotten roof structures, which cause premature and expensive replacement or repairs.

As an additional benefit, due to its material makeup, it will outlast any traditional composition shingles’ warranty and is fully sustainable, as it can be re-stone coated to change its color during lifelong use. Installation is quick and easy as it is self-flashing to prevent any exposed fasteners or potential water intrusion. The product and production process are Earth Friendly and Super Green in accordance with EPA guidelines, having just 32 grams per liter of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

This ridge cap system addresses all of the following concerns: aesthetics, durability, UV protection, mold, algae, pests, hail, and fire resistance. No other current technology addresses all of these issues as effectively. Please visit our website: Link

Financial information

A very affordable and highly profitable product that will yield millions of dollars in the residential and commercial roofing industry over the life of the patent. It is very competitive with local and national markets through standard building products distribution. Has been market tested, and has 50 year life expectancy warranty.

Will entertain Outright Sale, Term Sale, Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Licensing.

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Finished Speed Ridge Max 1.jpg
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US 9,528,272 issued 2016-12-27   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$500,000

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