Funerary urn made of bioplastics with a compartment for memorabilia and other features

Funerary urn made of bioplastics with a compartment for memorabilia and other features: licensing/sale of design patents (United States Patent and Trademark Office - USPTO & community designs (European Union Intellectual Property Office - EUIPO). The funerary urn is the result of a comprehensive concept study. It is designed as a product system where different parts can be combined and connected with each other.

A cinerary urn being separately lockable is integrated into the funerary urn. The funerary urn is designed for being made of plastic, in particular, of types of biodegradable plastics in combination with bioadhesives. A very good biodegradability has been proven in the context of extensive field tests. A low-cost mass production is possible through the use of plastics injection moulding. Depending on the modular composition, the funerary urn can be equipped with a built-in storage compartment for memorabilia, with an integrated audio system as well as with other special features, such as an incense burner or an attached plant pot.

The total filling volume amounts from 210 to 270 cubic inches (3,400 to 4,400 cubic centimetres). The finished product can be fitted with different and customisable paintings and finishes. A look resembling root wood is possible as well. An individualisation based on attached figurines or other attached decorations is also possible. The product is protected by multiple US design patents and community designs of the European Union. In addition, there is a protection by copyright law and competition law. The industrial property rights as well as the know-how are offered for sale. A licensing is possible as well. The invention has not been previously sold or marketed. The price is subject to negotiation.

Economic context:
The funerary urn meets
• a growing demand for eco-friendly products based on biodegradable plastics,
• a growing demand for products differentiated by design and special features,
• a growing trend towards cremation and new cremation-related products (cf.

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EP 15,282,580,001 issued 2009-05-28   [MORE INFO]
US 639,524 issued 2011-06-07   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$120,000

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