Revolutionary Decorative Planter – Don’t contain it, Frame it

Experts say that plants & trees naturally grow better in the ground.
If I told you that you can now get the look of a decorative planter without all the maintenance would this appeal to you?

There is a solution and it’s easier than you could ever imagine…..

Introducing the “Faux Pot”. It looks just like a traditional planter but it’s not.
The Faux Pot is not a container. It’s a decorative frame. 2 sides and no bottom.
It’s that simple.

Faux Pots act as a barrier against insects, rodents & pets.

Eliminate having to buy expensive potting soils and fertilizers; roots remain moist in the ground.

Eco-friendly. It can be made out of recycled & natural materials.
Stop the worry of containers drying out or overwatering.
Prevent root rot and eliminate re-potting.
Never limit growth and health of your plants & trees by confining them. Just frame them.

Change out colors anytime; a fresh new look for any season.
Frames can be any size, shape or color.
Install Faux Pot frames in less than a minute!

Plant something new anywhere on your property and frame it with a Faux Pot.
Take full advantage of trees, shrubs or other plants that are already in your yard.
Instantly frame them.

Give your property instant decorative curb appeal & give your plants and trees room to root!
Check out this video at the link below:

US & Canadian patents & trademarks are for sale or license.
Open to offers.

Questions, comments & suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.

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Faux Frame Zoom.jpg
Faux Pot Frame Medium.jpg
Faux Pot Frames.jpg
Frame It.jpg
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CA 2,833,328 issued 2016-04-26   [MORE INFO]
US 9,265,367 issued 2016-02-23   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$25,000

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