Helical Escalator System

An Escalator system that its steps move up or down in a helical path Vs. straight line in standard escalators.its advantage vs standard escalator are:
1-50% cheaper price for same elevation
2-60% less foot print and space required
3-65% less moving parts which cause less repair and maintenance cost,
4-fastest and cheaper installation

1-any public place (malls, shopping centers, and office building) that has not enough room for standard escalator but too much users that regular elevator can handle.
2- any industrial application that needs continues moving vs batch moving (standard elevators )
3- any low budget, less room for footprint , and no time, construction project that needs elevation movement project
4-any old public place which needs automatic escalator

US 95,506,542 issued 2017-01-24   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$250,000

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