Garage Guardian Life Safety System (TM)

ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: The Company is seeking a 100% sale of partnership liquidity, product, and intellectual property portfolio. The Company will likely be a substantial strategic acquisition for a corporate player involved in the connected home and home safety industries. Key managing partners are prepared to offer consultation and technical services after an acquisition.

ABSTRACT DESCRIPTION: The patented and trademarked product is a breakthrough early detection “smart” home safety device designed specifically for the attached home garage that integrates into the automatic garage door opening system. Approximately 20-minutes after detecting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) building up inside the attached (or detached) garage from a source such as a running automobile, the product first sounds two alarms. One alarm is the device’s internal 88db alarm which by Advisor Board (firemen) request, is much louder than typical alarms. The second alarm emanates from the wireless remote placed anywhere inside the home. Additional alerts can be sent to any smart device. At approximately 60-minutes if no corrective action is taken by the home’s occupants to investigate and open the closed garage door, the product automatically “activates” the closed garage door to open. This naturally vents the garage space to safe levels of carbon monoxide mitigating the lethal threat to now fully aware occupants.

In addition to the carbon monoxide functionality, the product by necessity will detect both types of smoke. However, when smoke/fire is first detected the device will not, under any circumstances, open or close the garage door. The unit will immediately activate both the internal and wireless remote alarms along with sending notification to any smart device. Garage fires oftentimes burn undetected for hours placing unsuspecting occupants in incredible danger. Nighttime attached garage fires put occupants in an even great risk than daytime fires.

INCOME STATEMENTS: An Independent third party Accountants’ Compilation Report includes projected income statements at 2%, 3%, and 4% market capture over a ten year period.

COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT: “Saving Lives by Increasing Home Safety”

US 77,102,842 issued 2010-05-04   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$7,500,000

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