Method of Refurbishing Brake Components

Utility patent for sale. New owner may license, franchise, resell or personally take advantage of exclusive patent rights by forming their own business to remanufacture brake rotors and/or remanufacture brake drums. The worth of a patent is proportional to the numbers and types of companies that cite that patent. This patent is cited by none other than Daimler AG, General Motors, International Harvester, Mobil Oil, AVCO Corp, Praxair, 300 Below Inc, ALCOA, Messler-Bugatti Inc, US Turbo, and many others.

Patent granted due to the combination of 3 prior art technologies: a combination of remanufacturing, metal spray and cryogenic treating whereby automotive or commercial truck brake rotor and drum resources may be preserved and remanufactured. Huge green upside. The commercial truck market is primed now for an alternative to new aftermarket brake rotors costing as much as $600 each. Target remanufactured price is typically 65 - 80% of new cost. The automotive rotor and drum market will follow as manufacturing costs are reduced over time. The manufacturing processes involved are particularly suited for a very high degree of automation.

The idea of circular economies (continually refurbishing appliances, structures, parts, etc.) is gaining popularity in foreign countries and now the United States. While this patent is currently only registered in the United States, it has far greater potential when registered in foreign countries.

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US 7,676,897 issued 2010-03-16   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$600,000

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