Double-pin Locking Extensible Handle

The patent describes a new type of telescoping utility pole with an innovative double-pin locking mechanism. The most commonly found telescoping poles on the market use the traditional twist-locking cam, but these compression-type poles all suffer from the same set of drawbacks. Regardless of make or model, the inner pole tends to slip and collapse into the cam when pushed, or worse, become overtightened and almost impossible to move in or out. Even the high-end fiberglass poles that use the internal twist-locking cams have the same malfunctions, which only become worse over time. More recently, a telescoping pole with a lever-locking mechanism was introduced. While this corrected many of the shortcomings, these poles wear out relatively quickly with repeated use because they employ a single-pin system. The double-pin system my pole employs is far more durable, making it a product suitable for both homeowners and professionals that balances the highest possible quality for the lowest possible cost.

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US 9,744,662 issued 2017-08-29   [MORE INFO]

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