Self-cleaning Hairbrushes with Ceramic Styling/Cleaning Plates with Mirrored Bottom

hairfreé®, the unique self-cleaning styling brushes that do more then just take the fuss and muss out of cleaning your hairbrush.

Unlike any other styling brushes, hairfreé® brushes allow the user to create a sleek, sexy hairstyle without the use of a flat/curling iron. The brushes have ceramic coated plates, which when heated with a blow dryer help produce a sleek sexy hairstyle comparable to the results one gets when using a flat/curling iron. An adjustment on the knob converts the brushes into vent brushes. Vent brushes help create more airflow which in turn speeds up the drying process. The most unique feature of our hairfreé® brushes is how easy they are to clean and keep clean.

With our round styling brush, just pull the knob located on the handle. For our flat styling brush, just slide the lever forward. One pull/slide and voilá! The excess hair that has accumulated in the brush is pushed to the top for easy removal. No longer does the user have the tedious and undesirable task of removing accumulated hair left on their brush. “It is a joy that I finally have a brush that leaves my hair straight without the burden of using a flat/curling iron and cleaning it is so easy – it’s fun to clean” says Jeannie Diluro.

What sets hairfreé® brushes apart from other brushes on the market is its versatility. You can use them as regular brushes, vent brushes and as a styling tool. No other brushes on the market today are as versatile as hairfreé®. Saving the best feature for last hairfreé® brushes provide the user a healthier alternative to the high heat, up to 450 degrees, that flat/curling irons needs to style ones hair. Test results have shown that using hairfreé® brushes together with a blow dryer, with a maximum heat of 175 degrees produce the same styling results as the flat/curling iron. This is why we believe hairfreé® brushes to be at the cutting edge when it comes to setting new standard for hair brushes!!!!

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US 7,908,700 issued 2011-03-22   [MORE INFO]
US 7,908,700 issued 2011-03-22   [MORE INFO]
US 7,739,769 issued 2010-06-22   [MORE INFO]
US 7,506,396 issued 2009-03-24   [MORE INFO]

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Asking Price: US$100,000

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