Remote Power State Detector

REMOTE  POWER  STATE DETECTOR ​​patent us 9390600 for home or business

A system for remotely indicating a power state (ON-OFF) of a home appliances This system is easily configurable and flexible tool for smart home security systems and provides a universal and reliable mechanism to control the power state of appliances .The home appliances do not need any adjustment.This system helps to prevent house fires, property damage and save electricity.

All home and commercial electrical and electronic appliances ,even a gas stove, have a power status LED (light –emitting diode) indicator on the front panel of the devices. The optical sensor,  attached on the top of the power status LED of  the appliance, can be used to determine if the appliance is ON  or OFF.  The power state LED has two states and emits light when appliance is ON and does not - if OFF. Optical sensor  comprises an optical sensor (photo transistor, photo diode or photo resistor...), radio frequency  (RF) transmitter  and battery (or accumulator)  The warning unit  comprises a RF receiver, battery or accumulator  and video and audio alarm device.
When the stove is ON,the optical sensor ,attached on the top of the power status LED of a stove, detects the lights from a LED of the stove (or any appliance with power status LED), and activates the transmitter .Transmitter emits the RF signal. The receiver of the warning unit detects this RF signal and turns ON visual indicator "STOVE  IS ON" ,activates a timer to generates this alarm after a time, determined by user and activates (in certain condition) audio alarm.

The optical sensor assembly has adhesive tape or fastening tape, and owner can take out the optical sensor and attach it to another appliance on the top of the power LED “ON/OFF” indicator located on the front panel of another appliance. With modern electronic technology, an electronic device, similar to an optical sensor assembly, can be built so that it is small enough to place this device above the LED indicator of any appliance.
The warning unit with LED s "IRON IS ON" or  "STOVE IS ON" can be installed near the exit door to prevent property damage if occupant forgets to unplug  the iron from AC outlet or turn OF the stove and leaves the building .Using WI_FI technology there are capabilities to alert parents using smart phone via text or email to let them know if kids at home are using stove, iron or other appliances. In addition, the alarm device can be configured to activate a relay that disconnects the appliance from electrical power source.

Power state detector offers a reliable, convenient and universal way to monitor the operation of household appliances  such as stoves  and wide range of home appliances (and gas stoves and ovens also),ensures that these devices are not left accidentally ,help to reduce risk of electrical fires. it could potentially prevent fires caused by leaving such appliances unattended . It could also be used to monitor the operation of technological equipment such us autoclaves/sterilizes , laundry machine, desktop computers, television, etc ,thereby controlling access to such items among children. Also this system would be very helpful for people with Alzheimer's disease and  dementia.  Power detector could be set up in a matter of minutes without any tools and do not need calibration or adjustment.Remote power state detector based on key finder is small enough to keep recevier on the wristband , The POWER DETECTOR provides affordable, flexible and easily configurable tool for smart home and anti-fire system. This is a real way to prevent damage of property and fires in every house.

Another application of the  Remote Power State detector is to expand the  range of local ( in house only)  alarm security systems like float or smoke detector, that do not have a technical ability to inform owners, if they are located outside of the property.

All alarm security systems have a light indicator-”alarm”, that allow power state detector jointly with local alarm security system to transfer an alarm signal to the owners (smart phone)without any location limits. This feature of the power state detector makes local security system  much more effective.​
Target Markets-Household, business Patent US 9390600   
Available for sale or licensing.
There is some information about market:​
>  The Primary Market would consist of heads of the 118,6 million households in the USA.
>  Of particular interest within this market could be households containing individuals who are age 65 and older.The population of the 65-and-older age group was  42 267 984 in 2014.
>   About 5.3 millions people in the US have Alzheimer’s disease ,6 to10 percent of those aged  65 and older are affected be dementia.   
There are some information from U.S, FIRE ADMINIRTRATION and National Fire
Incident Reporting System:
>  “Careless cooking activities are typically responsible for cooking fires. When a factor was noted as contributing to the ignition of the  fire , unattended equipment, such as people leaving food in the oven or on the stove and forgetting about it, accounted for 30% of cooking fires.

National estimates for residential building other unintentional, careless fires for 2016, the most recent year data are available, are:
— Fires: 26,900.
— Deaths: 360.
— Injuries: 1,725.
— Dollar Loss: $1,278,300,000.
Overall trends for residential building other unintentional, careless fires
for the five-year period  show:
— A 1 percent decrease in fires.
— A 3 percent decrease in deaths.
— A 6 percent increase in injuries.
— A 10 percent increase in dollar loss
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US 9,390,600 issued 2016-06-12   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$450,000

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