T.A.C.H. Totally Adjustable Coat Hanger

TACH is a uniquely designed garment hanger capable of form-fitting to any garment regardless of size (small to XXXL) and shape so that the garment is properly hung while also providing a quick release allowing the garment to slide effortlessly off of the collapsing arms.

Clothing comes in all shapes and sizes which makes it difficult for one hanger to accommodate all of them with proper fitting. TACH is designed with the ability to (1) alter shoulder length, (2) alter shoulder angle/pitch and (3) effortlessly quick-release the arms so that garments can literally slide off the hanger and let the arms re-set themselves. Additionally, the shoulder supports are compound-curved decks which help retain the shoulder curvature.

The most numerous household item in any home are garment hangers. In America alone, the average home has 100 – 300 hangers. Multiply that by more than 70 million households in America and you are talking about a staggering number. In simple math, if we conservatively assume 100 hangers per household and 20-year (one generation) attrition rate, the market needs to replace 7 billion hangers in that time or 350 million hangers annually…just for American households.

Though it would be great to have a closet full of TACH Hangers, it would strongly be recommended for a buyer’s finer articles of clothing including shirts, sweaters and jackets.

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US 8,177,106 issued 2012-05-15   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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