Infant to Adult Adjustable Car Seat

FOUR-EVER IN MOTION’s patented adjustable car seat technology is prime for integration into new vehicles as an optional upgrade. Families with children will appreciate the adjustable seat settings that will accommodate all growth stages including infants in carriers. The seat’s original default setting still remains comfortable for any adult or minor who is allowed to sit in a regular passenger seat.

In reports, over 70% of car seats are not properly secured. With our car seat technology, there will be a higher success rate of children being restrained properly during transportation, which provides safety and additional confidence and comfort to families.

When it comes to children, safety is of paramount concern. Our car seat technology will be a desired upgrade due to the added safety for children as well as the convenience of having a single seat accommodate children of varying ages. Website:

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US 8,807,650 issued 2014-08-19   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$6,000,000

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