Egg Cracker Device

The egg cracker device, is a simple way to crack eggs. We could call it a gadget .
Cracking eggs, can be challenging for most of us. A lot of older people, find this hard to do.

Manufacture. Injection molding, 2 parts. Tooling would be required, China's Cool for this.
There is 24 units to a display box, shipping very cost effective.

Manufacture. cost approx, $4.40 US Retail $14 95 or $19.95 Amazon -Walmart -
Costco- and other retail outlets. Egg Cracker I P. Right number 2019900020 Inventor John O'Loughlin

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Egg Cracker (2).jpg
Egg Cracker (2).jpg
Egg Cracker (2).jpg

AU 2,019,900,020 issued 2019-01-03   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$12,000

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