Oz-Ezyrider Paddle keel board .

The paddle paddle keel board, is a new innovation, for the paddle board market.
This is one of the fastest growing water sports activities in the world today, and growing at fifteen percent. There are 12.5 million paddle boards sold each year globally.
The market is at $10, billion US and growing at fifteen percent.
This product, is for beginners older and the not so fit person, this is 70 percent of the
global paddle board market. This product would suit distribution to the retail paddle board market. Our inflatables come as a full package, including our Carbon paddle, and is the only paddle board, that has the paddle keel, Technology in the world. I have this product manufactured in China, with global distribution.

This product is market ready, Tooling - Manufacturer - Distribution- Product Tested .
Interested in selling or a licence / Partner arrangement US with payment consideration only . Contact John O'Loughlin +61438669130 email; myinvention@hotmail.com

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US 86,927,102 issued 2016-03-03
US 62,802,536 issued 2019-02-08
AU 1,632,433 issued 2016-03-10
US 201,870,546 issued 2017-09-04
AU 2,019,900,063 issued 2019-01-09
AU 2,018,902,482 issued 2018-07-09

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$45,000

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