Metal-Organic Materials (MOMs) for CO2 Absorption and Methods of Using MOMs

This system exhibits permanent porosity and can be used in humid conditions to separate
components in a gas. MOMs are porous crystalline materials known for their ability to exploit equilibrium, kinetic selectivity, size selectivity, and targeted molecular recognition. They are therefore attractive targets whose unique properties can be exemplified by
both zeolites and MOMs to enable CO2 selectivity and capture. This technology has a wide range of applications for gas separation and filtration in industrial, automobile, and environmental sectors.

US 9,492,778 issued 2016-11-15   [MORE INFO]
US 9,604,195 issued 2017-03-28   [MORE INFO]
US 10,112,175 issued 2018-10-30   [MORE INFO]
US 9,138,719 issued 2015-09-22   [MORE INFO]

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