Retractable Stadium Awning Design

A product to cover entire open stadium to continue matches during interrupted rain like in cricket and other sports.

I am in the process of patenting the design and it is approved by PCT. I wish to inform you that I have designed a Product/Prototype for “Covering the entire open stadium to continue matches during interrupted rain”.I also wish to inform you that this product has been filed in the Indian Patent office and approved by PCT.

Attempts done in UK like 'Giant tent' being discussed to end rain delays in MCG ground in cricket have also failed to reach the expected design.

Below is the news article published recently on my project. A retractable awning designed by a resident will keep the rain at bay during events at stadia

And I strongly believe my design could be a possible solution for long standing problem. I have been doing this project since 8 years on and off and reached till the success of patent. I wish to continue my efforts to get the design implemented on cricket stadiums. Undoubtedly cricket is highly a commercial game and implementation of this design could add the value for the game. Spectators, who never want rain during a cricket match, would like to at least once rain, just to see the working design on a ground. Wish to have a reply from you at the earliest. Thank you

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PCT patent 3 criteria.pdf

AE 2,019,050,573 issued 2019-10-24   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$1,000,000

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