Modular packaging system to mix substances

Combi Shots is a new packaging concept. It is a multi-container connection system that allows substances to be stored in their own sterile, water/air-tight container, or "shot". At the moment of use, the chosen substances are mixed by connecting the shots to create one single container, preserving the same environmental properties. 

Our engineered mechanism allows the combination of two or more shots with no upper limit. Combi Shots allows the contained substances to remain separate until the moment of use or consumption. The consumer has the option to pick and choose their favourite combination of colours, flavour, fragrance, or other, to then be consumed or dispensed in the conventional way, at the point of use.
For example, if applied to the beauty industry, it gives the consumer the option to choose and mix powders, creams, fluids or liquids upon choosing their favourite colour, fragrance, gloss, UV protection, wrinkles miracles, and other magical beauty properties.

We initially created prototypes to show the concept. Now we are at the stage of applying the Combi Shots mechanism to actual commercial  products. The development of the Combi Shots system allows the engineered connectors to be applied to any type of packaging by simply dividing the conventional container and applying the connectors after the substance has been filled. This process can be performed manually or via a machinery for bulk production.

Due to the type of mechanism, Combi Shots can be applied to many sectors where there is a need to mix substances at the point of use, as long as the packaging consists in a free flow container, and the substances have mixing properties (liquid, powder, a low viscosity fluid, or small solids) so that the mixture can be created simply by shaking the container.

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GB 1,902,613 issued 2020-04-08   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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