Long Term Wine Preservation / dispensing system, with rapid bottle cycling if desired (olive oil also)

The patented Wine Preservation and Dispensing System offers a substantial improvement over current wine “P/D” systems, in both length and quality of preservation and ease/speed of integrating and removing each bottle. This technology allows for nearly limitless preservation (tests over a year have shown no change in quality), while wine was being occasionally dispensed. The cork is never removed and no oxygen is ever exposed to the wine. This technology avoids the many drawbacks, limitations and dangers in other wine P/D systems. Proven need and acceptance with many thousands of high-end commercial systems installed in high-end restaurants, cruise ships, convention halls, more. There are also numerous untapped markets current technologies cannot address that this tech does.

For situations where long-term preservation is not required, the system is far quicker and easier to both add and remove bottles (several seconds), for example in popular bars/restaurant serving a large volume of lower priced wines.

The basic “through the cork” concept is described in the patent, but not many of the preferred details. The actual technology and most recent design is not evident in the currently issued patent. Unpublished patents-pending and the current prototypes detail the most recent and efficient intellectual property and technical designs, the result of more than a decade of extensive R&D and testing.

Also works great with high-end olive oils and other bottled liquids.

Summary: http://pour-ever.com

US 9,181,021 issued 2015-11-10   [MORE INFO]
US 9,181,021 issued 2015-11-10   [MORE INFO]
US 9,181,021 issued 2015-11-10   [MORE INFO]
US 9,181,021 issued 2015-11-10   [MORE INFO]

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