The Fence Enhancer

A fully patented product. This amazing new item is the fence enhancer. The Fence Enhancer is Designed for colonial style metal rail fence 1 inch x 1 inch I have produced. Patent is good for any size. I have a second Patent for the Rail of a chain link style metal fence. Secure clamp over rail in any desired area along the rail of the fence. The upper portion is approximately .88 inches inside diameter. Most standard solar lights with or without extension would fit. You may place other decorative items in the upper portion, solar light, tiki torch, flag, bird house on a pole; etc, use your imagination. The fence enhancer is a sleek fitting clamp. The fence enhancer is made from 1/4 inch plastic to withstand the outdoor elements. The hinge pin is stainless steel and there are threaded brass inserts to secure the clamp and for the set screw. It is made to last. Light up and decorate the the fence around your Pool or along your property. See photos on e bay under the fence enhancer

US 98,229,542 issued 2017-11-21   [MORE INFO]
US 96,384,022 issued 2017-05-02   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$100,000

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