Determining an optimality coefficient of an image

To verify the invention, mass polls were carried out, in which 2282 people participated. In the conducted algorithm verification surveys, a question was placed on the usefulness of the algorithm in specific amounts of potential purchase. The last question was the following: "Will you buy an application that determines the pleasantness of any image for 90 rubles on your computer, tablet or phone?" As can be seen from this wording, this question was raised specifically and the amount of the potential purchase was directly indicated. The answer options were: Yes; Not; Buy no more than 30 rubles. For reference: at the time of the survey, the amount of 90 rubles was 1.5 US dollars, the amount of 30 rubles was equal to 0.5 US dollars. An amazing result is that the share of respondents who answered “Yes” or “Buy no more than 30 rubles” totaled over 37%! One third of people are willing to pay specific amounts for such an application.
For USA:
- Potential customers - 28.4 million people (scale up from the survey)
- 1st year – sales for 7% ~ 2,000,000 people
- 2nd year – sales for 14% => 2,500,000 USD
- 3rd year – sales for 21% => 7,600,000 USD
This is by mobile app only and by images only and by one US country only. From images, you can make a desktop application for sale. In addition to evaluating images, you can make applications for video and sound. I can send you a detailed investment plan.
1. Enormous practical significance lies in the application of software based on the algorithm in the advertising industry, interior design of houses and offices. The choice of the most optimal image or video that is planned to be shown on the Internet or on television is now done blindly. Which of the 5 or 50 versions of the street poster advertising Coca-Cola should you choose for production and for placement on city streets? Which of the 3 or 30 videos of the pill for insomnia to scroll on TV? Now this is solved by a vote of the advertiser's marketers. For the first time, my algorithm allows me to determine which option will appeal to most people before placing an ad. In a matter of seconds, the software will build all the loaded options according to their attractiveness.
2.In interior design, the psychophysiological state of a person noticeably depends on the combination of colors and shapes of walls, ceilings, etc. office or home elements. And again, the final choice of the best out of several of the same type and preferable according to some criterion of the client will remain for the optimality coefficient calculated according to my algorithm.
3. Choosing your best photo for an avatar in accounts: email, linkedin, facebook, etc.
Research data from Canadian and American employees show that good-looking workers are paid on average 12-14% higher than those of their less attractive colleagues (Cialdini, “INFLUENCE, Science and Practice,” chapter 5).
4. Realtors will pay for a unique opportunity to unambiguously identify the best photo from the mass of photographs of the object being sold, which must be put first in the ad.
Restaurateurs will use our software to choose from many photos of the same dish presented by the photographer, only one, which will be placed on the menu.
5. Many of us waste time and remain in doubt about our choice when determining clothes, its accessories before going to work, a party, the theater, while shopping for clothes ...
Do these beads match this blouse?
Does this tie go well with this jacket or shirt?
The color of the blouse with the dress?
Thousands of such questions take away not only our time, but also our peace of mind.
After taking a few selfies with your smartphone in the "PictureTheOne" application, you can change accessories and determine the best option in a matter of seconds. Best from the point of view of most people who will meet you after leaving home. This result will be duplicated by numbers: the higher the number, the more optimal a particular photo with a particular combination of clothing items is.
After clicking the "Finish selection" button, a list of optimality from the best to the worst option will appear on the smartphone screen.
The most important thing that a person receives in this case is also the most important in his image: self-confidence. Confidence that he (she) looks the best possible!
We will sell this priceless feeling!
6. Medicine.
Today, doctors use many different methods of examining the brain: echoencephalography, Doppler sonography, tomography, electroencephalography, neurosonography, craniography, etc. As a result of the procedure, images are obtained. These images can be examined by our software based on the MBDI Algorithm. The result will be additional information in making a diagnosis or determining the dynamics of cure.
7. Polygraph
The audio recording of the interviewed (interrogated) person will be analyzed by our software and the result will be determined as a percentage: how sincere the person was on a scale from 0 to 100%. You can highlight the special areas of the audio recording that interest most of all, compare them with those fragments of a person's words that are known to be true statements. With a sufficiently noticeable difference in the optimality coefficient, one can confidently assert the degree of lies in the places of interest in the audio recording.
This also applies to all business negotiations that are recorded by common agreement on audio or video equipment. We did not conduct such studies. But they can be carried out upon receipt of funding.
8. Movies, Games
A filmmaker, creator of a computer game meets with the need to make a scene pleasant for the viewer (player). Another scene may need to be reversed - unpleasant. Now the director (the creator of the game) is guided by his own feelings. It may not match the estimates of most people.
Using our software, you can easily compare your feelings with how it will be perceived by spectators and players. Our software will easily and instantly choose the most pleasant or the most disgusting, according to the estimates of future viewers or players, out of several options for the embodiment of such scenes.
If the group is known by gender or age, our software will work more subtly, taking into account the gender and age of potential spectators or players.
In the developed countries of the world, one-person households are becoming more common. Their share in the population is growing steadily.
PictureTheOne will be an invaluable advisor to the lonely person. Everyone will instantly identify the most enjoyable photo out of 3 or five. But no one in the world except PictureTheOne will define the nicest photo IN THE OPINION OF MOST PEOPLE!
Also for video (video, film), and sound (music, song).

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US 10,991,082 issued 2021-04-27   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$2,950,000

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