Double acting reciprocating high pressure plunger pump

a double acting plunger pump providing equal output on both directions of the plunger/piston at a reduced rod end load
The main benefits of the double acting pump compared to a single acting conventional pump:
- 50 % reduction of the rod end load
- Only one suction stroke to fill both chambers
- Only one set of valves
- Compressed fill of second chamber
- Reduced and continuous forces on the crankshaft
- Reduced peak torque requirements
- Output with reduced pulsations and pressure variations
- Better HHP efficiency

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Double acting plungerpump.pdf
Double acting plungerpump.pdf

RU 2,735,050 issued 0000-00-00   [MORE INFO]
NL 2,016,835 issued 2017-12-13   [MORE INFO]
EP 3,464,900 issued 2017-06-17   [MORE INFO]
US 11,009,016 issued 2021-05-18   [MORE INFO]

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