Medical Securement Devices

The Smart-Clip series is designed to safely secure the lines and cords of vital medical equipment. The three different Smart-Clip devices are made to meet different needs and together they can safely secure the location of any tube, line, hose or cord. Smart-Clip Multi is specifically designed to secure ventilator circuits to bed frames or fabric. Smart-Clip Mini can secure any catheter, line or cord to fabric. To adhere catheters, lines and cords directly to the patient’s body the Smart-Clip Skin is superior.
Smart-Clip Multi is the first product in the Smart-Clip series and the most versatile. Smart-Clip Multi is ideal for securing ventilator circuits and other items similar in size. The two straps on the top are specifically designed to hold inspiration and expiration tubes separately but will work equally well on single line ventilator tubes using only one of the two straps. The top grooves are spaced to fit in any and all brands of corrugated ventilator circuits to compensate for the decreased contact surface. The clip in the middle enables Smart-Clip Multi to attach to any kind of fabric, be it bed linen, mattress covers or a patient’s gown. Finally the bottom strap is designed to securely fasten the device to bed frames, IV poles and wheel chairs. The combination of a clip and a strap makes Smart-Clip Multi extremely user friendly and suitable for use in all advanced medical treatment facilities. The elasticity and high frictional force of the straps creates an excellent grip around any kind of material. The spring is made from a non-magnetic stainless steel alloy to not complicate radiology.
Smart-Clip Mini is the younger brother of Smart-Clip Multi – but equally brilliant. Smart-Clip Mini consists of a strap that is slightly elastic and will secure snuggly around anything from one single IV line, to several IV lines bunched up to larger tubes such as chest tubes and surgical drains. The clip is powerful and will secure life-saving medical equipment to fabric such as bed linen, mattress covers or patient’s gowns. Smart- Clip Mini is excellent for decreasing risks for patients, mainly accidental catheter dislodgement, however it may also be used to keep long cords and lines off of the floor – decreasing the risk of health care personnel and visitors tripping, bringing harm to themselves or to the patient.
Smart-Clip Skin is ideal for adhering tubes and lines directly to the patient’s body. This fixation device consists of an adjustable strap on an adhesive platform. Like the other Smart- Clips the Smart-Clip Skin can be adjusted an endless number of times, and will fit any size tube, line or catheter. The fact that the strap can be tightened and undone an endless number of times without tools, chemicals or residual glue significantly facilitates personal hygiene around life-sustaining medical equipment, even for the most critically ill patients. The main job of Smart-Clip Skin is to fixate tubes, catheters, drains and cords to the patient’s body to minimize the risk of catheter dislodgement when the patient is mobilized, in or out of bed. It is especially useful for urinary catheters – be it the critically ill in the advanced health care setting or be it the elderly or chronically ill in a long term care facility.

The designs are patented in the USA, EU, UK, Norway and Switzerland.

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US 820,448 issued 2018-06-12   [MORE INFO]
US 820,448 issued 2018-06-12   [MORE INFO]
US 820,449 issued 2018-06-12   [MORE INFO]
US 844,783 issued 2019-04-02   [MORE INFO]

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