Enhancement of Host Defense Via Receptor(s) for C1q

Background: As the development of protein products and peptide mimetics becomes more prevalent in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the ability to mimic the protective and modulate the inflammatory effects of the recognition protein of the classical complement cascade in blood and body fluids will increase. Technology: Researchers of the University of California, Irvine, have discovered and sequenced a novel receptor molecule which can be used to develop agonists that will promote the initial host response of limiting or abrogating infection or trauma by pathogens or other detrimental material without the generation of extracellular toxic O2. This structural information will be used to design a specific and effective ligand that activates these cells to phagocytose infectious targets recognized by opsonic receptors on myeloid cells. Application: This activity will be highly advantageous in preventing opportunistic infections in individuals whose immune system is compromised by genetics (inherited immunodeficiency), disease (AIDS) or treatment regimens (immunosuppression for cancer therapy and transplantation).

US 5,965,439

Type of Offer: Licensing

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