Vascularized Artificial Tissue

Background: There exists a need for thick artificial tissues to cover large tissue defects following trauma or surgical resection of tumor. The primary limitation in the design of these tissues as well as other complex thick tissues is a vascular supply to deliver oxygen and essential nutrients. Technology: University researchers have developed a technique to prevascularize a thick tissue in vitro using a biodegradable microfluidic network, for subsequent implant. The ultimate shape of the tissue could be controlled such that the tissue could be used to repair tissue defects following trauma or surgery. Small biodegradable microfluidic channels are constructed using microfabrication technology. The channels are made from biodegradable polymer. Initially, these channels are used to support the development of a capillary network in vitro. Once the network is developed, the channels biodegrade upon implantation to the wound bed, and the capillary network rapidly anastomoses with the host vasculature.

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