Photonic Slab with Axially Frozen Mode

Background: A unidirectional gyrotropic photonic crystal allows electromagnetic wave propagation in a certain direction at a certain frequency and at the same time, impedes electromagnetic wave propagation in the opposite direction. The electromagnetic wave with impeded propagation, called the "frozen mode", ideally has zero group velocity and does not transfer the electromagnetic energy. A unidirectional gyrotropic photonic crystal is a periodic composite, incorporating a component displaying Faraday rotation. The property of unidirectionality can be achieved in gyrotropic photonic crystals by proper choices of constituents and their space arrangement. Technology: University researchers have invented a photonic slab design that can be used to enhance the capability and performance of microwave, millimeter wave, and submillimeter wave antennas, delay lines, nonlinear and nonreciprocal elements. It can also be used in integrated microwave circuitry.

US 7,072,555

Type of Offer: Licensing

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