Immunoassay Apparatus and Method Using Flow Induced Electrical Admittance

Background: There remains a need for new immunoassay techniques and related devices for performing immunoassays with improved simplicity, efficiency and/or accuracy. The present invention provides for a new immunoassay method, namely, a flow induced electrical admittance immunoassay (FIEAI). This present invention takes advantage of the innovation of UC case no. 2004-146-2 which is a method and apparatus for using electrical admittance to measure flow rate and/or for determining the presence of, selected, isolating or sorting certain compositions, particles, biospecies, etc.
Technology: The present invention utilizes one pair of electrodes and a capture protein. The capture protein may be an antibody or other protein capable of binding to a desired target compound or desired class of target compounds. Electrical current is passed between the electrodes of each pair. The present invention is fully electric, and does not require spectroscopy, optics, plasmon resonance, raman scattering, acoustic sensors or fluoroescence measurements. A fully electrical based detection systems has the advantages of needing very simple equipment to perform the measurement, and lend itself to sensor integration and miniaturization for portable systems.
Application: The present invention is a non-optical, label-free biosensor, with the potential to revolutionize biosensing for applications in biowarfare detection, vaccine development, environmental sensing, and early cancer detection. The system is able to perform inexpensive analysis of various types of samples, such as sera from individuals infected with microbes or biowarfare agents and detecting the infectious agent and the antibody response to infections present in a human or non-human animal subject. In addition to laboratory analytical experiments, the system of the present invention may be embodied in portable form for applications in the field where size and weight matters.

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