Invention of New Dendritic Amphiphiles

Background: Amphiphilic compounds are of general interest in numerous disciplines in life sciences, especially in pharmacology and general chemistry, and numerous amphiphilic compounds are known in the art. However, traditional amphiphilic compounds usually forms micelles or aggregates that are often not stable, or tend to interfere with the integrity of reagents that are mixed with such compounds. Moreover, many of the well known amphiphilic compounds have further disadvantages, including limited possibilities for functionalization, and relatively small size. Technology: The present invention is directed to amphiphilic dendritic polymers that can be prepared in a simple manner. Among other advantages, contemplated synthetic methods allow preparation of dendritic polymers over a wide variety of chemical compositions and molecular weight, and also allow subsequent derivatization.

In one aspect of the inventive subject matter, an amphiphilic core-shell copolymer has a core with a plurality of branches, wherein the branches have unequal distances between at least two branch points, wherein the core comprises a first polymer, wherein the copolymer further comprises a shell that comprises a second polymer, and wherein the second polymer is covalently coupled to a terminus of a branch of the first polymer. Application: Potential applications include using as the carriers for drug delivery and controlled drug release, phase transfer, using as scaffold for presenting multivalent antigens, and for preparation of nanomaterials.

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