Methods for Assessing the Temperature of Deep Tissue in vivo Using Non-ionizing Radiation

Background: Measuring temperature in tissue is highly relevant to treatments applied to tissue in which the tissue becomes heated. This includes methods that treat tissue with RF (Radio Frequency) such as radio frequency ablation of cancer, hyperthermia treatments of cancers and cosmetic skin treatments. Monitoring the instrument being used to heat tissue allows the instrument to adjust to the energy being deposited in the tissue and increase or decrease the tissue temperature. Current methods for assessing the condition of tissue temperature involve the use of MRI and ultrasound as well as invasive temperature probes inserted directly into the tissue. Technology: Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have invented a novel method to measure deep tissue temperatures non-invasively. It uses a non-invasive method for quantifying absorption and scattering values of tissue over a broad wavelength range (600 to 2500 nm). Using this method to give an absolute measure of the tissue absorption, it is possible to determine the concentrations of chromophores in the tissue such as oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin, water and fat. Since absorption profiles are temperature dependent, they can be used as temperature meters. By characterizing how tissue chromophores change with temperature, this method can then be used to measure tissue temperature for various clinical applications. Application: The technology is non-invasive and can probe a large volume of tissue. With multiple sources and detectors, an optical image can be constructed to allow for feedback of a large tissue area encompassing the region of interest as well as the tissue on the periphery of the treatment location. This technique can be used in a variety of applications for monitoring temperature including:
> Cosmetic tissue treatments
> Various cancer treatments that heat tissue
> Monitoring brain temperature during cell phone use or clinical setting
> Determining chemical composition/temperature in dairy/food (non-tissue)

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