One-Step Direct Synthesis of LaPO4

Background: Monazite is an important ceramic material for several potential applications including composite ceramics, machineable ceramics, nuclear waste storage, fluorescent materials, electrochemical substrates, and as an electrolyte in solid oxide fuel cells. Monazite forms weak interfaces with several of the important ceramic oxides and these weak interfaces at high temperatures are required for high toughness in fibrous composite oxide materials. Monazite can stably contain radioactive elements and also has been used as a very acid resistant ceramic material for electrode substrates in electrochemical processes. A more current application is using Monazite doped with strontium as a proton conductor electrolyte for fuel cell applications. Technology: Researchers at UCI's Chemical Engineering and Material Science research facilities have developed a simple an inexpensive method of synthesizing Monazite by a high temperature reaction. This novel method of direct synthesis is an irreducibly simple process that can easily be scaled to large commercial applications and in large quantities. Application: Radioactive waste containment, composite ceramics, fluorescent materials, machineable ceramics, electrochemical substrates, fuel cells.

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