Producing Energetic, Tunable, Coherent X-rays with Long Wavelength Light

A coherent X-ray source based on low power laser has been developed to replace traditional synchrotron as a radiation source. It is much cheaper to build and operate than a synchrotron and it is has also a much compact set up. This is achieved through the generation of high harmonic radiation with long wavelength light involving the use of a optical parametric amplifier. Photon energy can be increased by a factor of 2 to 4 when the wavelength of light field is increased by a factor of 2. When used with different gases, X-ray of different energy can be generated. In addition, the optical parametric amplifier is easily tunable and can be adjusted to fit into the narrow bandwidth of the mirrors used in X-ray lithography thus making it directly applicable in the semiconductor industry. It can also be applied to medical imaging and materials research whereby a high energy photon energy is required for high resolution and dynamic imaging.

Inventor(s): Zenghu Chang,Bing Shan

Type of Offer: Licensing

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