Localized Drug Delivery to Ablate Fat Tissue

Researchers at the University of Michigan we have developed a novel drug delivery application, the ablation of fat tissue by the sustained, localized release of anti-fat drugs. The central premise of this technology is that fat tissue mass can be destroyed by sustained, targeted delivery of drugs affecting fat tissue development and regulation. It was developed to provide drug delivery systems capable of targeted and controlled ablation of fat at sites of adipose issue accumulation and provide a novel means for Òspot-reductionÓ. The most common strategy for adipose reduction, liposuction, is an invasive and painful procedure requiring costly equipment and considerable recovery time, and is associated with infection and unacceptable death rates. The injectable device Michigan researches have developed does not require such equipment, is minimally invasive, can be performed in seconds without anesthesia, and provides natural erosion of fat tissue over the course of weeks. Most importantly, the device allows the precise control over the specific tissue sites where fat has accumulated, enabling a painless, natural, and gradual procedure for tissue loss without the problems associated with large tissue loss as can occur with liposuction. This strategy has enormous potential not only for fat, used here as a model system, but as well for other pathologic or undesirable conditions associated with excess tissue accumulation, including cosmetic applications such as mole and hair removal. Benefits: minimally invasive, requires no anesthesia, rapid procedure, reduced recovery time; allows precise control for local delivery with concomitant avoidance of non-specific tissue ablation; not capital intensive. Applications: ablation of fat tissue, spot reduction and otherwise; obesity, metabolic disorder; cosmetic applications: mole and hair removal; conditions associated with excess tissue accumulation.

Inventor(s): David J. Mooney,Thomas P. Richardson

Type of Offer: Licensing

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