Novel Anti-helminthic

BACKGROUND Gastrointestinal nematode infections are amongst the commonest infections of man and animals worldwide. Collectively 1 in 3 people on the planet are infected by at least one species and approximately 50% of these are school age children In the developing world they affect the well being of children and their susceptibility to other disease. Researchers at the University of Manchester have shown that treatment of animals infected with parasitic worms with a known pharmaceutical compound used for an unrelated condition offers a means of treating nematode infections in the short term, and has the potential to offer a route to immunity from future infections. THE TECHNOLOGY Work on in vivo models of nematode infection has convincingly shown that the immune systems of infected hosts can be manipulated to induce protective immunity and expel nematode parasites from the gut. Treatment with one of a class of known drugs can quickly and safely polarise the hosts immune system. Achievement of natural immunity to intestinal helminths is an important goal not only removing the need for continuous drug administration to eliminate worms but also reducing the risk of anthelmintic resistance developing. With the added benefit of a well-tolerated and non-toxic treatment, this technology offers an entirely novel therapeutic strategy for this global problem. KEY BENEFITS
• Treatment of roundworm infections in the short term
• Potential to confer immunity from future infections
• Human and animal use
• A novel non-toxic mode of action
• The compound is a widely used human medicine with an excellent safety profile
• Original drug patent expires soon
• In vivo supporting data
• Treatment and prevention of infestations in livestock and companion animals
• Treatment and prevention of infestations in humans especially in the developing world PATENT STATUS UK patent filed OPPORTUNITY Collaborative development and licence opportunity of interest to Pharma, VetMed and Biotech companies

Type of Offer: Licensing

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