Functional Knitted Gloves

BACKGROUND Knitted gloves are predominantly manufactured using speciality glove-knitting machines, or in certain instances circular-knitting equipment. Seamless gloves are already well-known, but can only be produced with simple plain-knitted structures. In the technical textiles sector, innovation has centered on development of new materials or modification of existing products through speciality coatings (e.g. dip-coating). The William Lee Innovation Centre (School of Materials, University of Manchester) is a leading centre for technical textiles innovation in the UK. The technical team has extensive experience (both industrial and academic) in glove-knitting and manufacture. During the past few years a wide-range of glove development projects has been delivered for customers, which are now being commercialised. THE TECHNOLOGY Recent work has developed a method for producing seamless knitted gloves using flat-bed knitting machines, which enables innovation of glove products through advanced knitting techniques. Functionality not achievable with existing simple plain-knitted or coated glove products can be introduced. The technology is already well established and, due to its versatility, can be quickly employed into new application areas. KEY BENEFITS
• Improved durability
• Enhanced wearability and functionality
• Integration of advanced knitted structures for 3D shaping
• Accurate placement or integration of functional fibres
• Combination of different materials (or multiple layers) to aid performance, e.g. strength, appearance (‘function-not-fashion’)
• Incorporation of electro-textiles or new fibres
• Development of bespoke fibres/yarns for new applications
• Rapid development of new glove products for quick time-to-market
• Vast experience of industrial knitting for smooth technology transfer POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS The technology is applicable to a wide-range of bespoke glove products including, but not limited to, the following:
• Medical
• Industrial, e.g. heating, safety
• Sensors, control and tracking devices
• Consumer PATENT STATUS A UK priority application has been filed. COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITY The group’s extensive know-how, equipment and intellectual property base is available to companies interested in developing new glove products. Licensing of the technology and short-term development contracts are welcome.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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