Novel Antimicrobial Peptides

BACKGROUND Ai2 Limited is a University of Manchester spinout company that aims to become a significant player in the global anti-infectives market. The company’s focus is on developing novel anti-microbial products, for out-licensing to healthcare companies across a range of sectors. THE TECHNOLOGY The core technology stems from research into a class of human proteins involved in innate immunity, whose role in fighting infection had not previously been identified. Specific regions of these proteins were found to be rich in anti-infective activity and this has led to the development of two families of powerful peptide-based anti-microbials. Compounds within these families have anti-viral and anti-fungal properties as well as bacteriolytic and bacteriostatic activity. Proof-of-concept has been established for an anti-bacterial contact lens coating and potential applications with other medical devices (e.g. theatre equipment, catheters, syringes etc) are currently under review. KEY BENEFITS
• Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity: with antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal applications.
• Compounds are very stable and retain their activity even after repeated autoclaving ,.
• Topical and systemic therapeutic activity
• Human derived peptides with potentially excellent safety profiles.
• Short peptide sequences that are easy to make chemically POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS
• Antimicrobial coatings for medical devices
• Anti-infective dressings and solutions for wound-care
• Prophylactic anti-fungal, MRSA and HIV ‘barrier’ creams
• Antiviral and antimicrobial therapeutic drugs (HIV, HSV)
• Antimicrobial sprays for the food processing industry
• Selective growth-media supplements PATENT STATUS Four interrelated patents have been filed. COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITY Ai2 Limited and the University of Manchester Intellectual Property Limited are seeking partners to develop applications of the technology: This could be through an evaluation licence and/or collaborative development with biotech and pharmacuetical companies leading to a novel series of preparations for use as antiseptic protectives for medical devices, for infection prevention and as therapeutic topical and systemic antivirals, antibacterials and antifungals. CONTACT Gordon Barker, Business Manager, UMIP, The Incubator Building, 48 Grafton Street, Manchester M13 9XX Tel: +44 (0) 161 606 7213

Type of Offer: Licensing

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