Advanced 3d Flexible Fibre Material for Wound Management, Orthopaedic, Sports & Personal Protective Equipment Applications

BACKGROUND Spacer structures find applications is many areas. These include automotive, sports wear, medical, mattresses and protective clothing such as gloves and body armour. Spacer structures could provide a replacement for foam. These structures can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of unique applications. THE TECHNOLOGY Research in the William Lee Innovation Centre (School of Materials, University of Manchester) has lead to the formulation of a 3D knitted spacer fabric with a high density middle layer which gives the fabric excellent moisture absorbance, resilience, comfort and flexibility characteristics. The three layer structures can be precisely positioned by integral knitting, into fabrics, objects or garments to allow specific areas to contain the desired characteristics. This process minimises labour and production time, thus saving costs. In addition, such production methods can also have benefits in terms of eliminating seams which can weaken products. KEY BENEFITS
• Can be knitted into desired 3D shapes
• 3D Spacer structure can be positioned within the fabric, garment or object by integral knitting
• Good moisture absorbance
• Lightweight
• Washable
• High bulk
• Springiness
• Soft
• Protective padding
• Good sound absorbency APPLICATIONS
• Wound care
• Orthopaedic soft goods
• Sports equipment
• Protective clothing
• Acoustic insulation
• Samples prepared COLLABOARTION OPPORTUNITY UMIP are looking to license this technology and are open to all forms of collaboration from licensing to research development programmes.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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